Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pomegranate Cookies

Pomegranates! Everybody make a pomegranate fabric!  OK.  I was inspired by the animal cookie design in the extinct animal contest and decided to make my design of pomegranate cookies. I thought about how one might make pomegranate cookies, and made up a little narrative. Someone with older children getting bored during Summer vacation might try to come up with things for them to do.  I imagined such a person would have them bake cookies, but challenge them to come up with other things the traditional cookie cutters could represent.  So ball ornament shapes have been iced as pomegranates, and bell shapes have been iced as pomegranate flowers.  The kids also mixed up custom colors for the icing.  I think they did a pretty swell job!

Iced Cookies - Pomegranates and Pomegranate Flowers

My design came in 259 out of 290, with 20 votes. I'm pretty happy with how the repeat came out here - I kept rotating it as I worked on the layout, which helps avoid too much directionality. (Of course, then I added the shine all facing the same way, so technically it's still one-directional!)  I also tried to add a little depth to the background. Layered over the check (which is reused from the background of the hipster piglet) is the eucalyptus leaf pattern I created for the family crest.

Of the more realistic designs, my favorites were this very lush design that I would love to make into a tablecloth (and came in seventh), and this warm tonal. The more graphic ones I liked were this pomegranate/lime combo, a watercolor of whole pomegranates and one of just the seeds, one reminiscent of batik, and this one that looks like a pomegranate vine.

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