Monday, July 16, 2012

Vroom vroom!

There has already been a design contest for bicycles, for which I fudged a little and created an entry with motorcycles instead.  Well, now there is a contest actually for motorcycles.  What now?  I decided my lightcycle motif was perfectly good, so instead of the regular striped arrangement I did before I went for a tossed print.  I also decided to use the same colors as the "Isabel's Robots" design I made before. I had a hard time deciding on the background, though. I ended up going with the flat black since that was the most "Tron-like.'

Light Cycles - Scattered

I wanted to add some other subtle design or texture to the background, but I also was resistant to adding another color, since the only other one already in use in the collection is the light yellow.  I think any use of that in the background would be too disruptive to reading the foreground figures.

My entry came in 97 out of 119, with 28 votes. I also liked this other lightcycle entry, and these eight-bit motorcycles. I think this entry would be great as a skirt.  Well, I don't really wear skirts often, so maybe a tunic-y shirt.

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