Friday, July 20, 2012

Dancing Dinosaurs

For the Spoonflower contest to make a design involving an extinct animal, I went with a dinosaur even though I knew there would be many, many other dinosaur entries. I wanted to make it a fabric for kids, but tried to think of a way to balance it so it could be either a girl or a boy fabric. How? T-rex doing ballet.

Dancing T-Rexes

T-rex's poses are all based on photographs of Nijinsky. This came in 142 out of 226 with 54 votes, though as I looked at the voting page I saw that apparently I failed to vote for it myself.  Whoops!  My other favorite dinosaur design was just tracks, and my favorite of the many dodo entries was this one. Also good were these very pretty proto-starfish, and the animal crackers.

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