Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spin spin whoosh smack

For the theme "pinata," I went with some traditional star-shaped pinatas, arranged into a pattern based on this tiling. The colors are the synergy "mad" set, previously used here.

candy madness

This actually seemed like it was going to perform better than I expected - twenty-six likes! However, it got barely more votes than that, and came in about two-thirds down the result list. My favorite entry was the crepe paper fringe repeat.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rock and Roll

For the theme of rock and roll music, I wanted to avoid referencing any specific artist, so I depicted the drum notation for a "back beat," one of the key rhythms that distinguishes rock music. (Inspired by the Wikipedia definition of hard rock).

Back beat

The background texture is based on the kuba cloth ish design I did for the jazz contest, and the colors are from the Sgt Pepper album (i.e. the shiny psychedelic band outfits of the four Beatles - ok, so I did end up referencing a specific artist).

My favorites were the 45 rpm inserts (there were several designs of those, but those gold ones were the best) and the palm frond guitar picks.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


For the theme of "windows," I adapted two common quilt piecing designs with window names - cathedral windows and attic windows. I used the "bedtime" colors previously seen here. I combined all that together like so:

cathedral windows in attic windows

I think this would make a pretty good cheater print. Funnily enough, this got exactly the same number of votes (49) and favorites (14) as last week's Auld Lang Syne design. This contest had almost twice as many entries, but I retained essentially the same relative placement (in the bottom half). My favorite entry was this one.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Design for the new year

This week's theme was "New Year's traditions" - either what you do during the celebration or immediately at the beginning of the year. I decided to do a typographical design using the lyrics of "Auld Lang Syne."

I picked these colors, so the design came out like this:

singing in the new year

This was another challenge were I felt like very few of the entries were visually appealing. This one I liked the look of most. Mine didn't quite make it into the top half of entries.

Monday, December 28, 2015

This year's wrapping paper

This year, I printed out two different designs of mine to use as wrapping paper for Christmas presents.

These two stacks of presents used up the two rolls completely. On the left, I used the cocoa mug design, which I altered slightly so that the mugs are pointing in all directions, plus I tweaked the colors to match those used by the "Christmas Colors" group palette. On the right, my calico,  also using colors from that set.

Last year I used the scarabs, which I guess I didn't get a photo of. The year before that was the mint-ens, which I did take a photo of, but I don't think I posted here before.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The zen of knitting

In my sleep-deprived state (due to the 11-week-old baby), some of my thought processes are a little off. When I came up with the idea for the "knitting" design contest and started it, I swear it made sense. On reflection, perhaps not so much.

In any case, I started off with a list of knitting abbreviations, and was going to do a typographical design with those. Somehow I thought of making each abbreviation a rock in a zen garden, so I used colors from this print to try to capture a little more Japanese flavor. It all came together like so:

Zen of knitting

I'm mostly happy with how it came out, but it is, as my mother said, "rather obscure." The main problem with it is that, from a distance, it looks kind of...scabby. Hmm. It made no impact in the contest.

Faux-fairisle/Christmas sweater knits were a recurring theme, of which this was my favorite. Also popular were repeats of balls of yarn, of which I liked this the most.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Gift bag

This week, the design challenge was to make a at quarter cut-and-sew kit for a reusable gift bag. I based mine on this pattern, and reused my snow angel design. The light-colored fabric for the lining is the basketweave seen previously.

Snowflake snowangel giftbag kit

I got enough votes to just make it into the top half.

Most of the entries were pretty disappointing. A significant proportion of people ignored the whole cut-and-sew kit thing and just did the usual seamless repeats. The number of entries that were actually visibly appealing was quite low as well. Two that I did like were the ornament bag and the one that looks like a gingerbread house.