Friday, September 7, 2018


On the heels of twenties, fifties, and sixties, the final "era" challenge was "Victorian." Which is pretty broad. Anything that happened, or any pattern that would have possibly been used, for the whole time period. To put it in perspective, imagine it were shifted 100 years later - so you could use anything from 1937 to 2001 as inspiration. You could make basically anything fit! (Spoonflower did specify that we couldn't use any public domain imagery - i.e. you couldn't just goink a pattern or collage images from an online archive - but that's pretty hard to enforce)

I was thinking of doing silhouettes of how women's fashion changed during that time, because it's a little funny - leg-o-mutton sleeves and bustles each came into fashion TWICE - but I didn't have enough time for that much detail. I went right to the source of the name and made a design based on the crown Queen Victoria wore for her coronation.

Queen Victoria

This went nowhere in the voting. There were of course a lot of William Morris type designs, of which this strawberry one was my favorite. I also liked this red floral.

Friday, August 31, 2018


So after Fifties last week, we have Sixties this week. I went with another scientific milestone - this time, the moon landing! And I tried to do it in a somewhat "psychedelic" style - like Peter Max or Pucci. I had quite a bit of fun and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

Psychedelic Moon Landing

This came in my usual spot of right in the middle. My favorite design overall was the peacocks, but I thought the one that was the best combination of good AND Sixties was this one.

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Coming right after twenties, this week's theme was the fifties. I looked at the scientific breakthroughs of the decade (which I had also done for the twenties but didn't find anything that leant itself to an illustration) and decided to go with the rollout of the Polio vaccine in 1954. So, a nice little repeat of syringes.

1954 - Polio Vaccine

 This ended up right in the middle of the pack as usual. My favorite was this scatter of mod-style elements.

Sunday, August 19, 2018


This week's theme was the 1920s. (Yes, even though we just had an Art Deco contest.) I have previously done a 20's fashion design for the tennis contest. I started with some famous slang terms from the twenties: "the bee's knees" and "the cat's pajamas." Hence, bees, and pajama-clad cats, doing the Charleston:


I had a lot of fun drawing fancy twenties-style pajamas. This came in right in the middle of the pack, as usual. My favorite was the colorful high-rises.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Two food contests

There were two contests in a row with food-related themes. First, a contest with a LOT of modifiers:
  • It was for a company that does iPad coloring books, so it was to be in black and white linework only
  • Plus the top designs could be featured in the coloring app, which does NOT do repeating designs, so our entries were supposed to be (or easily formatted to) 2200 by 3300. (as you can imagine, most people ignored that in order to make something more appealing as a repeat, since there's probably a bigger potential return on investment for yardage/wrapping paper)
  • And the actual theme was "food frenzy."
My inspiration was actually really simple. When I noted down the contest themes, I summarized it as "Food Coloring." So hey, how about those cute little bottles of literally food coloring?

Coloring food? Food coloring!

I even took a few reference photos of food coloring in our kitchen (without spilling it everywhere!), like a responsible artist. I'm really happy with how this came out. It almost made it into the top third of the contest! My favorite entry was the doodled fruits.

The next one was simply "tacos and burritos." I did polka dots (using the colors of traditional Mexical folk embroidery) with empty taco shells.

Imagine the tasty tacos

This ended up right in the middle of the pack. My favorite was the one that ultimately won.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Circles? Triangles?

This week's theme was "Circles are the new triangles," which, apparently starting from a viewpoint that triangles were (recently?) the tip-top of design, means that now circles are ultra-popular. Which was kind of a weird way of telling us to make a circle-featuring design.

I based mine on equations associated with circles, and then put them on hands, as if for cheating on a geometry test:

Sweaty Palm Cheat Sheet

This did not do well. I did have fun trying to make the writing look like a few different handwritings. My favorites were the marbles and these slightly-doodly dots.

Saturday, July 21, 2018


For the "medical professions" challenge, I did a bunch of diplomas and certificates, in honor of all those years of medical/nursing/pharmacy/etc school. I drew made-up shapes instead of letters, to give the impression of text without having to actually come up with fake schools and whatnot. (And, to work cross-language, no translation needed!)

So Many Years of School

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! Regardless, it got nowhere in the contest. My favorites where these pills and bandaids.