Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oh, a "Jug!"

It's interesting how the Spoonflower contests vary in specificity.  The last one was just "watercolor," which implies actually not a whole lot about what the resulting design will look like.  This next one was much more constrained: we had to use a set group of colors, and the design had to be kitchen-related.  We were given the exact RGB values for the colors, which were brown, beige, yellow, and red (and optionally white).

My first thought was to do sets of matching pitchers and bowls, but I found so many interesting shapes of vintage pitchers (on Etsy and plain old Google image search) that I stuck with just that.

Vintage Pitchers

Many of the other entries were in a similar vein - representational, single-orientation prints of collections of objects.  My favorites of this type were the mugs, egg cups, appliances, and tea kettles.  Other than that I liked this one, which has representational stuff and abstract motifs arranged in stripes.

My design came in 79 out of 281, with 133 votes.

Postscript: The title of this blog post is from an incident that I think about nearly every time I hear the word "pitcher."  When I was a young teen my family went to the UK.  At one restaurant, my father asked the waiter for a pitcher of water and we got an incredibly blank stare in response.  My father then mimed the act of pouring a glass of water, and the waiter said, "Oh! A JOOOOG!"

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