Monday, July 23, 2012

A Clever Title about Stars and Stripes

The Spoonflower contest closest to the Fourth of July was themed "Stars & Stripes." My first vague idea was to represent "Betsy Ross' sewing kit" - as if she looked down, saw red stitches on white linen, with needles scattered on top in the shape of stars, and that became her inspiration for the American flag.  In the end, I decided to make the stitches yellow instead, to try to stand out from what would undoubtedly be a preponderance of red, white and blue designs.

Sewing Kit Stars & Stripes

My entry came in 242 out of 328, with 31 votes.  Of the red/white/blue designs, my favorites were the jets that came in fourth, and the overlapping circles that came in eighth.  I liked a couple of the designs that referenced stars in the sky - this one that is Matrix-esque, and this peaceful night sky.  Also good were these cute wrapped stars and vending machines.

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