Sunday, July 15, 2012

Draw what you know

After the previous, more specific challenge, the next one was back to wide-open.  The idea was simply "hand-drawn," with a minimum of digital manipulation.  I didn't want to hassle with actually drawing something and scanning it in, so I just used SketchBook Pro again to make it look fairly hand-drawn.

This design is based on what I can see sitting here on my couch.  There are some overlapping segments of a baby gate which form a rounded grid, and the colors are based on the back yard behind me (tall hedges, stone retaining wall, some flowers).

Backyard Doodle

The shapes didn't come out exactly like I wanted - the points of the leaf shapes don't quite line up right to balance the negative & positive space.  I lost sight of that when I was trying to get the overall repeat to look right.  I decided to leave it, since I would have had to redo almost the whole thing to fix it.  A lesson for future designs!

There were a couple of different polyhedron/crystal entries I liked: a purple one, another of jewels, and one of salt. I also really liked these raindrops.

My entry came in 160 out of 500, with 95 votes.

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