Thursday, July 19, 2012

One color + one color = two designs

In this contest, Spoonflower required us to use only a specific shade of green and a specific shade of purple, and optionally white, to create a geometric design.  There were a ton of really great entries!  I'll just say right off the bat that mine came in a blistering 371 out of 375, with eleven votes.  Ha ha, BURN!  Definitely sets a new low from my previous worst.

I made a design of tesselating plusses:

Green and Purple Plusses
And then layered in white a stylized circuit design for a full adder, arranged again into tessellated plusses. This represents the logic needed to add two one-digit binary numbers (i.e. it computes 0+0, 0+1, 1+0, or 1+1).

Adder Circuits on Plusses

This was fun to make - I enjoyed working out exactly how to place all the logic gates to get them evenly arranged in the plus shape.

I really like this semi-paisley that came in third, and the sketchy triangles in fourth. Also fond of these tangram animals, even though the designer had some issue getting the green color to show up right. And for plainer geometrics, my favorites were these circles and squares, triangles, and polyhedra.

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