Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hipster Piglet

Hipster Piglet.

Hipster Piglet

Because, what else would you make for a contest that calls for an animal-themed fabric, with the restriction it can't be an (overused, cliche) owl? More specifically, the idea was to come up with a design so compelling, your chosen animal would unseat the owl as the favorite of the crafting world. So I tried to think of an animal that has a distinctive silhouette or features, but that hopefully not too many other people would also land upon (like cats, dogs, or rabbits). Somehow the image of a pig wearing glasses entered my head, and who could turn down an inspiration like that? So I went whole hog (see what I did there?) and decided to make him a full-on hipster with ironic glasses and trendy scarf. I used the same colors as the seadragon fabric, but added black (for the eyes) and gray (for the checkerboard background).

This came in 163 out of 226 with 62 votes. My favorite was a crocodile pattern that came in 2nd. I also really like this quail entry, which I fully admit I saw before I made mine and inspired the layout.  And finally, I'm fond of this cute panda fabric, which should remind family members reading this blog of a certain toy I had when I was small.

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