Monday, December 5, 2011

My first Spoonflower sale!

Someone bought my Hanukkah calendar! Pretty exciting. She even messaged me asking if I could make it available for sale a few days before I could. (Spoonflower doesn't let you make a design available for sale unless you purchase at least a swatch of it first to proof it) So as soon as I got the proof of it, I flagged it for sale and viola, she bought it the next day! I got a blistering $1.10 (10%) commission out of it. Woohoo!

I do crafts almost entirely to make gifts for people, which as far as I know are mostly well received. But it's a different kind of feeling to have someone (a stranger!) actually want to buy something of mine on purpose, of their own volition.

Actually, I have made one other "sale" on Spoonflower - when someone bought a swatch of my Christmas ornament pattern. Just a week or two after that happened, they finally changed the policy so that you get the 10% commission for swatches too. Of course!

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