Friday, December 2, 2011

Kites with kites

This week's contest theme was kites, with the extra stipulation that it be a small print. Usually they have the contest voting on samples showing a fat quarter of the print, but for the small print contests it's just a eight-by-eight swatch. I struggled awhile to come up with an idea that wasn't simply literally kites, until I remembered that "kite" can also mean a kind of bird! Things really came together when I Googled kites and found the swallow-tailed kite, which has a wonderful silhouette and bold black & white coloring. I decided that the black & white birds against a blue sky with red kites would make a nice combo. I had fun working with such a small palette - no shading or anything like I've done in most of my recent designs.

Fabric with kites playing with kites

My design came in 52 out of 153, with 100 votes. There was one other design that had kites (the birds), but not also with kites (the toys!), which I did end up coming out ahead of in the votes.

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