Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Homemade baby food

After a month or so of solid food, I've finally managed to make some homemade baby food for my son!

Sweet potatoes for the baby

This is simply two sweet potatoes, baked for an hour at 425 degrees, peeled out of the skin, and mashed up thoroughly with a fork. In the picture I'm dividing it up into servings, and wrapping each in foil for freezing.

Previously I'd given him some store bought sweet potato baby food, which he really liked and gobbled up. It took him a few times to come around to this stuff, but today he finally ate nearly his whole serving of it.

The other thing I've made for him is mashed-up banana. That, however, is not nearly so photogenic! I just mash up about a quarter to a third of the banana right before feeding time (and then eat the rest of it myself!). He has taken a long time to warm up to that as well, but when he got some this evening he really scarfed it down.

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