Thursday, October 27, 2011

Results of ornament contest

This week's Spoonflower design contest was for a Christmas ornament. I've already shown the design I made in a previous post where I showed how I sewed it together. I actually made this design before the previous week's lucha libre mask, and in fact this was the first design I ever made specifically for one of these contests. It came in 69 out of 124 with 112 votes. There were a lot of really cute designs so I'm pretty pleased.

One interesting trend I noticed among the designs was the idea of having more ornaments if you bought more fabric. The design for the contest had to fit on the 8" by 8" swatch size, normally just used for samples. But some designers actually made a design that filled a fat quarter, so that the swatch got you one ornament design, but there was a whole set of designs in the fat quarter. I realized that this was a good commercial strategy, because although designers get a 10% commission if anyone buys your designs, this doesn't apply to swatches. (They even acknowledge this in the blog post.) Very smart if you really want to make money!

And speaking of that, I saw today that one person has bought my Christmas ornament swatch! That's pretty exciting! It's the first time anyone has bought any of my designs (except for myself, of course).

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