Thursday, October 13, 2011

Second Spoonflower contest

I entered a second Spoonflower contest, this one themed "root vegetables." My design is of ginger roots. Like the last time, this was a design I had already created for my own purposes, that just happened to more-or-less fit the contest. I know ginger is not a "vegetable", but heck, another entry was themed on root beer, so there's some leeway!

It came in 88 out of 181 with 141 votes, so better than last time. I'm surprised, since it's not really a very strong design on its own - I created it to be a tone-on-tone element in a larger design. Of course, that's how the last one was as well, but they had a record number of entries in the last contest, and actually had to reject some entries for the first time ever. So I probably fared better simply due to there being fewer to look through. (The way these contests work is that you can vote for as many designs as you like, so the more you have to look at, the more fatigue sets in.) In any case, it's fun to have other people take a look at my designs.

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