Thursday, October 20, 2011

Results of Mask contest

So I posted my design yesterday for the Spoonflower wrestling mask design contest.
Wrestling mask fabric
Apparently I'm not alone in thinking this was a difficult inspiration, since they only had 27 entries; as far as I know, that's the fewest they've had for one of these contests. Mine came in 15th with 172 votes. The top two designs, like mine, were also semi-abstract representations of animals - a butterfly & a chicken respectively. The folks at Spoonflower themselves sewed up both of those designs to illustrate their blog post about the competition. The people wearing them are posed mock-strangling each other - having made up my own mask, I suspect part of the reason for that is to actually hold the masks in place! I think that's pretty clever, since it makes the masks look more polished, and the photo more dynamic and humorous.

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