Saturday, October 10, 2015

What's in your bag

The theme for this contest entry was "what's in your bag?" I have a recurring anxiety dream around not having a bag (or having an insufficient bag) so I used that as a jumping-off point for "bags within bags." I used the same color set as the candle design I did a while back.

I keep bags in my bags

The anxiety dream is always in a different place with different things, but the common thread is that I have some awkward set of objects I have to carry, and I'm stuck out in public walking around for awhile. For instance, I'm on a school field trip to a museum with a big heavy backpack full of papers and books, and someone gives me a kitten I also have to keep track of. Or, I've just checked out of a hotel and need to walk across town to somewhere else, and need to carry a stack of magazines and a ceramic snowman. So because of the fear of having some sudden responsibility to carry something around, I always carry a small collapsible bag around in my purse (and my suitcase when travelling).

This did a little better than my entries have been, and came right smack dab in the middle of the contest. My favorite was the one that focused on keys.

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