Sunday, October 18, 2015

Can't touch this

For this contest, the theme was "Nineties Nostalgia." What am I nostalgic for from the 90's? Not much. Plus, this is one of those themes that's hard to tackle without infringing on some intellectual property. Most pop culture references would be to some product or movie/TV show.

After discussing some options with my husband, I decided to do an homage to hammer pants, via the "U Can't Touch This" video. I went through the dance moves on the video and captured some illustrative poses in silhouette. I had previously used a video for reference for my sleight-of-hand design, and was able to go frame-by-frame to get the exact reference I wanted. However, I discovered that YouTube has since discontinued this feature! You can only go in 10-second bumps forward and backwards. Or, let it play and hit spacebar to stop it and hope you get lucky. So that made it much more difficult. But, I was still able to get the poses I wanted EVENTUALLY.

Hammer pants

For the background, I used these colors:

Color by COLOURlovers

So this was fun to make but I have no idea what you could ever use this design for. It actually did pretty well and came in the top quarter of entries. My favorite was the cute tamagotchis.

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