Thursday, October 15, 2015

Butterfly coordinates

We had another coordinates contest, this one for butterfly-related designs.

Deconstructed butterflies

Clockwise from top-left, the designs represent: the butterfly heads with proboscis curled up, cocoons, the "warning spots" that appear on butterfly wings and on the bodies of caterpillars, and the "cellular" look of wing patterns (like those of monarch butterflies). The cocoons and wing cells are my favorites out of the four. The background of the heads uses the water droplets pattern and the background of the cocoons uses the hex graph paper pattern. (can't see it in this view but you can on the specific fabric page)

I used these colors:

Color by COLOURlovers

I managed to get all four designs done from start to finish in about a five-hour stretch at the last minute, and I'm pretty satisfied with how they turned out. This was my best contest result since my spoons entry back in March. It got 150 votes and made it into the top 20%. And, it got enough likes to become my second-most-liked design ever (behind only Baby's Book of Computer Science).

My favorites were this sketchy one and this Scandinavian one.

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