Saturday, March 29, 2014

Get some sleep, it's a school night

After the last roundup of mediocre-performing contest entries, now I have two to summarize that did a little better. First, the theme was "bedtime," with these colors:
Color by COLOURlovers

I was inspired by a "lovely rooms' tumblr, and made an orderly jumble of inviting turned-down beds. The lines are colored with a gradient of the two shades of blue. The background pattern is a smaller version of the lavender I made for Maren's collection. - thinking about being tucked into bed makes me think of my mother's lavender-scented lotion. The sheets and bedspreads are also filled in with existing patterns created for previous designs: shells, grass tufts, dots, knit, lattice, and bricks.

Time to get tucked in

This came in 48 out of 254, with 109 votes - the highest percentile placement I've had since my blue jeans entry! My favorite entry had a similar dormitory feel, but a much cuter style. I was also not the only person to think of lavender.

Next, a design for "science fair." Two of my own science fair experiments I remember the most involved growing radish sprouts in different colors of light and with different watering liquids. So I thought of framing radish sprouts with rays of light or streams of liquid, and abstracted it from there. I re-used all the patterns mentioned above, plus others in the paper patchwork, my omnipresent eucalyptus, speckles, and stars.

Radish sprouts with different treatments

This came in 67 out of 157, with 98 votes. I also uploaded a version with just the background diamonds, and no sprouts, in case anyone wants it. This contest didn't produce many designs that had standalone appeal, to my eye, but my favorites were the lunar cycle and glassware.

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