Friday, August 23, 2013

Blue jeans

This week's theme was "fashion." This includes anything from novelty prints having to do with fashion to prints actually appropriate for garments. I browsed through important moments in fashion, looking for something interesting but also recognizable to most people. Then I came across a mention of the rise (no pun intended) of denim blue jeans. I immediately thought of doing a faux patchwork that looked like it was made of jeans, and decided on hexagons instead of squares for more visual interest.

Blue Jean Details

This came in 59 out of 314 with 127 votes. My favorite entry was the cute assortment of pockets. I also really liked the menswear argyle. Buttons were a popular theme, and I liked this stripe of buttons and other notions (which came in ninth) best of that bunch. As for designs I could imagine wearing as clothes, I liked the lotus pods the best, though I would love it even more in blue. As for designs I could see as kids' clothes, I think the ties and the sock birds would both be adorable pajamas.

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