Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Last week's contest was to create a pattern you could cut apart and use as gift tags. Incidentally, Spoonflower has branched out - along with fabric, you can also get anything printed out on wallpaper or on vinyl wall decal material (that has a re-adhesive back). So I decided to make a pattern you could cut out of the decal stuff and use as stickers on packages (as Spoonflower themselves suggested in the contest description) - in other words, no seam or hem allowances. However, I still wanted it to look reasonably good on fabric. So the extra challenge I imagined for myself was to have no partial or cut-off labels no matter what size of fabric or sticker I got. So the rectangles I had to operate in were five and fifteen inch squares for the decals, and the eight inch square and 18" by 21" fat quarter for the fabric. (The larger sizes - 30" decal square and full yardage - are naturally covered by the smaller sizes.)

After I divvied it up into reasonably label-sized sub-rectangles within those contraints, I filled in each with a pastel version of the knit pattern I've used a couple times before. Then I used the Dr Who/menswear patterns as if they were cloth-covered buttons on each tag.

Cut & Stick Gift Tags - sweater patches with cloth-covered buttons

My entry came in 122 out of 152 with 36 votes. Out of the more cutesy entries, I liked these (which came in eighth), these animals (which came in first!), and these little houses. For more elegant ones, I liked these and these (which came in ninth).

I even got mine printed out in time to use them for wrapping Christmas presents!

Gift tag applied to present

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