Sunday, January 6, 2013

Various crystalline forms

Happy new year! It's time to catch up on the contests that have closed since last we met.

First: a small print having to do with sweets. I decided to make things easy on myself and adapt the hard candy print I made for Maren's quilt. I shrunk it to small size and redrew the highlights so they're on all sides. In the original, they're all on the top left, making it essentially a directional print when I wanted it to be more of a scatter. So this version is more successful in that regard.

Tiny Shiny Toothsome Sweets

My entry came in 169 out of 207 with 22 votes. My favorite entry was the candy necklace that came in fifth. For more tonal designs, I liked the candied spiders, this typographical take on hard wrapped sweets, and the graphic licorice squares. Also good were the assorted chocolates and this design that makes up for lack of candy with extreme cuteness.

Then - snowflakes! Like the candy design, the layout is based on a honeycomb type of repeat. For this one, I wanted to try to do something that looked like could be used on kids' pajamas. (My son has all kinds of fleecy footie jammies with absurdly cute prints) My husband had the suggestion of beaming little baby faces peeking out from the centers of snowflakes (as a take on describing kids as "precious snowflakes"), and I ended up more-or-less reversing that.

Snowflake Snow Angels

This came in 74 out of 320 with 146 votes. I liked all of the top ten this week. My favorite entry was this glistening floral. I also really liked the blueprint and purple snowflakes.

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