Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why did it have to be...

This week's contest was for something to do with snakes, in honor of the imminent start of the Year of the Snake. I kept up my theme of hexagon-based layouts from my last two entries, and arranged snake faces in a pretty simple repeat. For the colors, I wanted to put a variety of gradients to suggest iridescence.

Iridescent Snakes

I'm pretty pleased with how this came out - it's very close to how I pictured it originally.  It came in 21 out of 130 with 261 votes, which is quite a bit better than I thought it would do. It got a pretty good number of page views, but hardly any comments. I guess people voted but didn't have much to say!

I really liked the snakey floral that won. I also liked this simplified snakeskin and these cute snakes that remind me of the old screensaver that draws pipes on the screen.

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