Saturday, December 8, 2012

A tee for the sea

This week's contest was to take an existing blank pattern for a t-shirt, which fits on a yard of fabric, and fill it in with an "under the sea" themed design. I somehow missed the fact that it's a shirt for a little girl, not an adult, so I had a much more subdued take than most of the rest of the entries. I based the basic layout on one of my favorite shirts, which has a sort of harness-like colorblocking. For the two areas of color, I used two prints I had already - the seaweed-like background of the jellicle jellyfish, and the rounded lattice I used as part of the zig-zag cheater quilt (which was itself a simplification of this pattern). However, I changed this colors of those patterns slightly. I looked for a set of kelp-inspired colors and liked these:
Color by COLOURlovers

So that resulted in these two patterns:

Netting lattice

 Lacy Kelp

And thus, it all came together like so:

 Kelp and Netting T-shirt
The original pattern blank was in a PDF. So I imported it, selected out all the whitespace so that I had just the lines, masked out the shapes for my different areas, filled it in, and submitted it. But for some reason the whole rectangle was showing up too small - it wasn't taking up the whole yard. Huh? Then I figured out - I had imported the PDF at 100 DPI instead of 150. ARRRRRRGGG. So I had to redo it entirely! Fortunately I had learned from the first time around so it didn't take all that long.

This came in 78 out of 182 with 107 votes. My favorite entries were this cute sailor-inspired one with a faux placket, one with a graphic jellyfish, and this one with lobsters.

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