Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jellicle Jellyfish

The latest design challenge was for jellyfish, doubling up the salt water theme after last week's sea creatures small print. My first thought was to do something with comb jellies, but I couldn't come up with a compelling way to convey the color - iridescence on black? Hmmm. I figured there would be multiple entries going for the jelly (as in jam) pun, so I skipped that. I pondered what other directions I could go, and remembered the word "Jellicle!" Not being one to skip a chance to work cats into something, here's what I came up with:

Jellicle Jellies

Black and white can be a little harsh and hard to use in fabric, so I went with black and shades of turquoise. I used the angled calligraphy style brush instead of just the standard round computer brush to give it a little more life. I'm really happy with how the repeat came out - it doesn't catch the eye much at all.

I also uploaded the background as its own separate, coordinating design:

Jellicle Seaweed

My entry came in 137 out of 226 with 63 votes. And I was right about the "jelly" fish. My favorite was the one that won.

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