Saturday, September 1, 2012

Paper Squares

This week's contest was for school supplies. I thought of putting a bunch of different papers into a patchwork pattern - lined paper, graph paper, etc. I'm very happy with this design. This is one of the few I've made that came out EXACTLY like I pictured it in my head.

School Paper Patchwork

When creating the Scantron-style answer bubble sheets, I ended up just drawing them by hand. However, I did consider trying to use the official Scantron font. I Googled for it, and found an actual corporate Scantron "style sheet," which pointed me to a font named Interstate. So there you have it, if you should ever want to make something look like a Scantron.

My design came in 58 out of 171 with 139 votes. There were an astonishing number of entries having primarily to do with pencils, my favorite of which was the cross-sections (which came in fifth). I also liked this photo print of crayons.

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