Friday, September 14, 2012

Clack clack clack clack DING!

This week's contest was to create a black-and-white repeat having to do with typewriters. My initial thought was to arrange typed characters into some fancy pattern - something like a damask. That quickly morphed into doing something like ASCII art. Then, I thought, why not a simple ASCII rose?

Typed Roses

I like that it looks like it could have been typed directly on the fabric. I tried out a bunch of "typewriter" fonts and settled on this one. It came in 73 out of 169 with 84 votes. I've now made it into the top half of the results for four in a row!

I liked this ikat pattern made from x's; sort of a similar idea to what I was thinking of trying. In the same vein was this plaid. There were quite a few entries of typewriter keys, of which my favorites were these two (the first of which came in fifth). My favorite entry overall was the repeat of ribbon tin labels, which came in second.

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