Thursday, August 16, 2012

What game would you play at a craft party...

This week's contest was for another cut and sew pattern, this time for something that could fit on a fat quarter and be sewn together at a "craft party." I browsed through craft projects I've saved on Delicious looking for inspiration, and found this memory game. I decided to do little drawings for each pair, plus have it possible to do groups of four to be able to play Go Fish or Old Maid.

Cut Out & Sew Memory Game Cards

I used a subset of the colors I used for Hipster Piglet and the seadragons, and I even re-used the checked background from Hipster Piglet for the backs of the cards. By putting the cards all flush together like this, and alternating fronts and backs, I think it makes the overall design look nice even if it is a cut-out-and-sew pattern.

This came in 88 out of 107 with 41 votes. My favorite entries were the globe (which came in third), the oven mitts (which came in fourth), the lavender sachets (which came in ninth) and this board game.

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