Thursday, August 23, 2012

Find a nice flat spot for your tent

This week's contest was for a design having to do with camping. My husband and I bounced a few ideas off each other - merit badges, different types of campfires/tents/etc. But, I do have a love of maps, so I decided to make a campground guide. It was a little time consuming to draw, but lots of fun. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Campground Map

There were several groups of entries containing similar design ideas. I liked this entry which had a similar concept to mine, and came in third. There were also a number like ours, i.e. cutesy illustrations of the overall camping scene, but closer to the action, of which I thought this was the best - and it came in seventh. Also popular were tossed prints of camping implements, and I consider these two the best of that type (the former came in second). My favorites in the marshmallow category were the s'more argyle and the marshmallows on sticks. I also liked this arrangement of camping icons, which stood out as unique. And the best "campers and trailers on the road" design was this one, which came in eighth.

My entry came in 48 out of 162 with 157 votes.

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