Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cat Olympics

This week's contest was Olympic-themed, due to the games opening at London just a few days ago. However, we were required to not use any of the official imagery - logos, rings, etc.  This was probably more for our own protection than for aesthetic purposes, given how overly protective the USOC can be of such marks.

When in doubt of where to go, I often turn to cats! I decided it would be fun to have adorable cats depicting of bunch the events. I picked events based just on what I wanted to draw: running, hurdles, fencing, wresting (twice), long jump, weightlifting (twice), tennis, pistol, shotgun, shotput, and gymnastics. For the background I just made small dots of the five colors of the Olympic rings, on a field of light blue.

Cats at the Olympics

I actually lightened up the background a bit after I put it together - a more saturated version of just the background dots is here:

Dots in the Olympic Colors

This came in 65 out of 127, with 84 votes. My favorite entry was the one that came in first, which depicts the events on postage stamps, as if they're being done by a normal pedestrian in London.  The other one showing athletes that I liked was this one, that mimics the style of ancient Greek pottery.  I also liked this geometric design in the olympic colors.

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