Thursday, August 9, 2012


This week's contest had the theme "aviation." I've been reading Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo so I have space on the brain. I wanted to do something with NASA's mission patches, perhaps an assortment of motifs from them, but most of them are awfully busy. However, I liked the one for Gemini 4:

What a cute little astronaut! So I based the design on that. I wanted the light color of the figures to be a little reminiscent of an Aurora Borealis, so it's a gradient that goes back and forth between light green and light purple.

Gemini 4 - First Spacewalk

I had a scare with this one! The contests always close on Tuesday nights, so I got mine submitted not long before I went to bed. I checked Spoonflower during my lunch at work the next day, and found to my horror that I had mistakenly uploaded a version that still had my initial sketch layer still visible. My first thought was that I'd just have to live with it, but then I remembered that sometimes the contest doesn't close until sometime on Wednesday - I had a previous experience, I think with the pomegranate contest, where the website wasn't working for me on the Tuesday evening. I had no choice but to email support and call it a night. In the morning they told me I should be able to upload, and they'd add it to the contest for me. However, I noticed that the contest option was still showing up in the dropdown!  So this time, I checked - and sure enough, this contest was still showing up as available to enter.

The fix would only take a few seconds, but the files (and program) I needed were only on my laptop at home. Arrrrrg! My husband works from home on Wednesday, so I prevailed upon him to boot it up. I actually work on remote access software in my day job, called GoToAssist, which I then got my husband to start up on the laptop.  From there I was able to very quickly fix the file and reupload it, then withdraw and delete the bad one, and enter the fixed one in the contest.  Whew!

This came in 85 out of 202 with 87 votes. My favorite entry was this travel map. I also liked these dashboard instruments. There were many, many hot air balloon entries, of which I liked this one best.

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