Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let's just create an account on every website

So, I created a tumblr for myself but haven't totally resolved what kinds of things I want to be posting on it, so I haven't been posting anything lately. There are certain categories of posts (cool artwork, interesting scenic photos) that I had been posting as a way of being able to go back and look through them for inspiration later. So that started sounding more and more like Pinterest instead. So, what the hey, I started one of those too.

It's also really great for saving Spoonflower designs. You can "Favorite" designs on the website, but Pinterest allows you to scroll through everything you've saved on one page. So I have some boards there where I'm listing out all the ones I would most like to buy to make into things. I already have more pinned than I could every possibly use in my lifetime, so that's pretty great.

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