Monday, March 11, 2013

A Tumblr!

Well, since more and more of the artists I follow have started up tumblr blogs, I decided to create one for myself. So far it's mostly just resharing other people's interesting things. I miss being able to do that with Google Buzz! I will be posting my fabric designs there from time to time as well, but nothing that hasn't been posted here already.  Anyhow, it's here if you want to take a look.

What prompted me to finally start it, after mulling it for awhile, was the Neil Gaiman project that just closed - he's doing a multiphase collaboration (that's actually marketing for BlackBerry, but who cares) called "A Calendar of Tales." First, he had short prompts for each month, which people could tweet responses to. He picked his favorite for each month and wrote a short story. Then, anyone could submit any kind of art they wanted that had been inspired by a story. I was mulling over a couple of them, but of course only had time to make one. I chose the April story, which involves a game of poker with ducks. So of course I created my illustration as a repeating pattern.

Playing Poker with Suspicious Ducks

The colors are mostly based on the ones you find on classic playing cards:
Color by COLOURlovers

Plus a few extra colors for the ducks (I ultimately only used the green and gold from this set):
Color by COLOURlovers

I submitted it via my new Tumblr (which a lot of folks were doing) - there, I put up a version that has my signature on it. In general, I figure that can be a less personal space, where I put up my designs and let them speak for themselves, whereas here on my blog I continue to explain them.

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