Thursday, September 5, 2013


This week's theme was Dim Sum, and additionally had a required palette:

Color by COLOURlovers

I immediately thought of potstickers, since those were always required in my family when we got Chinese food. Their curved shape made me think of the classic ogee, so here's how it all came together:

Potsticker Ogee

This came in 81 out of 144 with 89 votes. There was another entry that did almost the same layout, but with the more spherical style of dumplings. Bowls were a popular theme, and I really liked these plain graphic ones (which came in fifth) and these pretty patterned ones (which won) - and, very smartly, that designer is also offering those patterns as their own separate designs. There were also many scattered prints of varieties of dim sum, such as these very cute ones and these teeny-tiny beauties. Tablescapes were also well represented, my favorite of which were these smiling steam baskets. A subset of those were the straight overhead layouts, from which I liked this streamlined graphic version and this more detailed, textured pattern. Some less literal takes I liked were the dumpling-clutching dragon and Chinese menu text. Edging out further from the realm of the representational, I also admired the sesame seeds (a great blender print!) and the highly textured circles and swirls.

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