Friday, April 19, 2013

Gentle rain, flat fan, sharp stream, fine mist

This week's contest was for gardening tools. My husband suggested garden gnomes using garden tools, which is a very cute idea, but as usual I had to settle for something requiring less drawing. I wanted to do something with a watering gun, since that is probably my very favorite gardening tool. When I was a kid I used ours every chance I could get - I loved to rotate it and switch between all the different nozzles to change the shape of the water stream coming out. My brother even gave me a shiny new one for my birthday one year, which was fantastic.

So since the nozzles are the best part, I focused on that for my design. I thought it would make a nice abstract fabric, but you could still see where it was coming from if you knew the inspiration. To keep the colors thematic but not too literal, I used the same set that I used in the backyard-inspired "hand-drawn" contest entry.

 Gentle rain, flat fan, sharp stream, fine mist: Water Spray Gun Nozzles

This came in 114 out of 182 with 53 votes. There were indeed a number of entries depicting garden gnomes - my favorite was this one. There were quite a few entries of the "neatly laid out representations" style - I liked these two best (the first of which came in second). There was a very funny take on this as well - monstrous plants with weapons as the gardening tools. I also really liked these extremely colorful medallions of tools and this almost meditative isometric still life. (I do love isometric landscapes!)

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