Thursday, April 11, 2013

Babies! So many babies!

This week's contest was for "baby animals." My husband came up with a very cute idea - headshots of lots of different baby animals, as if nursery school portraits. I really want to draw that at some point, but didn't have enough time right now.

For a simpler design, I wanted to try something beyond the obvious set of mammals. I decided on baby praying mantises. When I was in, I think it was kindergarten, our class hatched a clutch of praying mantis eggs. We got to carry them out to the yard to be released into the "wild." I was totally amazed that I could see the baby insect on my hand, but it was so tiny and light that I couldn't feel it at all.

Baby Praying Mantises

 This came in 68 out of 259 with 124 votes. My favorites were these forest babies (that came in second), antarctic babies (that came in sixth), and duck/turtle eggs.

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