Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 8

Episode 8 introduces us to the next iteration of the team concept. This time, the judges (or, if you're feeling cynical, the producers) get to pick the teams. First, they pair Daniel and Patricia, because they want to see his construction and her textile-building techniques. Then they pair Richard and Layana. The irked Michelle is added to the first pair - yet again unable to escape Patricia. Samantha goes to Richard and Layana, and Stanley goes to Daniel/Patricia/Michelle. This leaves Amanda to join Richard/Layana/Samantha.

The designers are told they are going on a field trip. The inescapable teasing of the challenge this time takes the form of Heidi telling them she really wishes she could go with them, but she can't because she lacks enough self discipline. Whaaa??? Question marks floating over everyone's heads!

They are taken to a theater. Music starts going oontz-oontz-oontz and a cowboy, a police officer, a construction worker, and a fireman come out and start dancing. Yes, male strippers. All Australian, to boot! The troupe's name is "Thunder from Down Under." My first thought was "that's better than any team name on Project Runway, ever!"

Speaking of which, Layana/Amanda/Richard/Samantha are now team "Slick and Hip" (eurghhh), and Daniel/Michelle/Patricia/Stanley are team "Shades of Grey" which I think is actually pretty good in the circumstances. Each team gets $750 and one day to make three different outfits for the, uh, dancers - who will be acting as their models. The costumes all have to be tearaway so that they can be pulled off instantly to reveal boxers or whatever. Plus they have to suggest some kind of story that they can incorporate into a new dance.

For some reason, both teams decide to go with some kind of businessman/working man theme. So, basically, just plain menswear I guess? Once in the workroom, things are not going all that well. Tim sums it up with "I smell chaos and bedlam!" Richard feel like he is being mostly ignored by his (all female) teammates. Layana asks him if the vents on the jacket she's making are ok, he says yeah, Tim later says they're all wrong, Layana crosses team lines to get help from Stanley, blah blah blah.

All of the outfits are completely, utterly terrible. Slick and Hip goes out first and the judges are openly laughing. (This shirt??? Or this one??? Or this one???) Fifty Shades is slightly better, but then the costumes don't tear away causing everyone to dissolve into hysterics again. (This includes a flasher trench, a steampunk bike messenger, and a very bland suit)

Slick and Hip are the losers. The judges wish they could eliminate all of them. They don't really feel much more positive about Fifty shades. One of the models' pants starts slowly popping apart at the tearaway velcro during the judging (!), causing Nina to completely lose it again. Plus, I think that "model" was actually the leader of the troupe. Guess he was impressed, huh?

The losing team now has to do the traditional name 'n' shame. Samantha and Richard say Amanda should be out. Amanda says Richard, Richard chirps "bullshit." Layana also names Richard and we get into the whole jacket saga in front of the judges. However, that ends up being a non-issue as Amanda is the one who is out. Richard gets to stick around and feel wronged for a bit longer.

In the end, NO WINNER is named, because all of the outfits are so incredibly terrible. A very wise decision.

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