Saturday, March 21, 2015

Passing grades

Often Spoonflower will do contests with a required set of colors, but usually there will be some kind of theme as well. For this one, we had to use coral, mint, black and white - these shades specifically:
Color by COLOURlovers

But there were no other parameters. So there were nearly 700 entries, the largest set ever. It made for quite a long voting process! I figured most people would use white as a background, so I immediately decided to use black instead. I was in the mood to make a floral, so I thought of making it like a calico. I used some of my favorite flowers: jasmine, honeysuckle, orange blossoms, and fuchsia.

Sweet-smelling calico

This did moderately well - almost into the top third. There were a number of other florals/botanicals that I liked, as well as this cute little map.

Another contest was "rockets." Obviously the main focus was supposed to be on the space ship type of rocket, but I wanted to branch out from that. The word "rocket" can also refer to fireworks or arugula, so I combined those two things (the colors are from my previous space ship related design):

Arugula (rocket) fireworks (rockets)

This made it well into the top third. My favorites were the control panel repeat and the abstract take on Apollo rockets.

One very specific theme was "Kittens in Mittens." I focused mostly on the mitten part, and did little paw-tread mittens in this color scheme I'm still trying to get a good use out of.

Mittens for Kittens

This got 155 votes and actually made it into the top quartile! My favorite entry was this one.

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