Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stuck in the middle with hues

Let's continue the contest catchup, with some entries that came in around the cutoff point for the bottom third of entries.

For the theme "umbrellas," I went with those little cocktail umbrellas. I used the same color as my galoshes, and the hibiscus again as the decoration on the umbrellas.

cocktail umbrellas

My favorite were these happy little umbrellas.

The very next week, the prompt was "clocks." I went for a combination of analog and digital clocks. Also, the Synergy project has a "time travel" theme, so I used those colors.

Progression of Time

My favorites were these endless hourglasses and these cuckoo clocks.

Continuing the kind of home decor feeling, another contest was for "tables and chairs." Rather than showing an entire piece of furniture, I tried to show the top of an old, weathered kitchen table. The shades of brown are taken from the seahorse towel design, as a kind of in-joke with myself on the theme of family history.

The Old Kitchen Table

I liked this cute assortment of furniture on postage stamps.

Finally, there was a theme of Australian cities. My thought on that theme was "?????" for awhile, and I finally went with something simply showing the existence of Australian cities: nighttime lights visible from space.

Cities revealed by night

I really liked this modern representation of high-rise windows and these rolling hills.

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