Friday, August 22, 2014

The stinkers

There are a ton of contests that have finished up since the last time I blogged, so I'm going to start trying to catch up on them. First off, let's get the ones that did the worst out of the way.

We had the yearly Fabric8 contest, this time with the theme "cosmic voyage." Since the prize is bigger than other contests (a contract to make mass-produced fabric for a "real" company!) there are a boatload of entries. As a result they do a three-tier selection process: the staff winnows it down to 100 entries, then the community votes, then the top eight vote getters get some time to make three additional coordinating designs, then we all vote again on these four-design collections. So THIS time, for the first time, I made it into the top 100! Hooray!

The bad news is, of those 100, I then came in dead last in votes. Sad trumpet noise. It did at least get 50 votes, though. My take on the theme was an imaginary space voyage in a pretend rocket ship (i.e. cardboard box).

Cardboard Rockets

I got the colors from this palette (which I found just by searching through things tagged "cosmic"):
Color by COLOURlovers

My favorite entry in the initial round was this assortment of watercolor planets (which actually did make it into the final round as well). In the final round, though, I voted for this collection, on the strength of the coordinating bouquet and hexagon designs. Neither of those ultimately won - the winner was constellation-themed.

With fewer votes (18), but better relative placement (173/201), was my entry in the utensils contest. I chose some lesser-used implements (grapefruit spoons and honey dippers), some textures I already had on hand, and violá.

Grapefruit spoons and honeydippers

I used colors from these two palettes:

Color by COLOURlovers
Color by COLOURlovers

My favorite entry was this very folksy kitchen assortment.

Next increment up, with 31 votes, and just barely missing getting out of the bottom 20% of entries, was my take on fishing lures.

Specific lures for specific fish

My husband helped me come up with this one - catfish being lured by mice, dogfish being lured by bones, zebrafish being lured by grass, parrotfish by berries, and goldfish by little pickaxes. Like the "cosmic voyage" one, I browsed around for colors first:
Color by COLOURlovers

And then made the design. I don't think I made very good use of these colors - they look a lot nicer in the palette than they do in my repeat.

My favorite entry was this very stylized geometric border print.

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