Thursday, February 14, 2013

Skritchy skritchy skritchy

Due to the time of year, this week's contest was inevitably Valentine-related - specifically, love letters. I knew that there were going to be a ton of really great, super-appealing designs. And I wasn't wrong! But first, what I did.

I looked up "love letter" palettes on Colourlovers, and combined a few I liked into my own grouping:

Color by COLOURlovers

As for design, I used the blue on cream to make lines like lined paper in a notepad, then doodled hearts between all the lines in the remaining colors. I think it would make a pretty good blender.

Love in a notepad

This came in 253 out of 375 with 31 votes.

I had a real "Proust-madeleine" moment when voting for this contest. Scrolling through all the heart-based designs, I was unexpectedly transported back to my eleven-year-old self, organizing my sticker collection. Hearts made of flowers. Flowers made of hearts. Hearts made of collaged paper. Hearts in gradients. Painted hearts. Graphic envelopes. Cutesy retro things. That desire to collect and arrange every possible variation on a theme. How strange it is, as a thirty-something with a toddler sleeping a few rooms away, to suddenly jump into a headspace where acquiring a number of such illustrations was such a pleasing and fulfilling activity.

By far, my favorite entry was this papercut-style assortment of motifs - which is also quite sticker-like. That's the design that won the whole thing. I also liked this collaged typographical take that came in fifth, these intricate little valentines, and these silly/serious hearts with dimension markers.

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