Friday, February 15, 2013

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 3

In last week's episode, the teams each had to make a set of outfits for Heidi to wear as part of her promotion for her new perfume, "Surprise" - four that could be worn in the TV commercial (which they got to see storyboards for) and two that could be worn at press events. I always think of the clothes (or "clothes") seen in perfume ads as being extremely cheesy, so we'll see how that plays into the various designers' fashion personas. (The fact that the colors are pink, black, and gold does nothing to decrease my expectation of cheesiness.) The Dream Team is down to six members, which at least means each designer can do a look by him- or herself. Since Team KIR still has eight, there will have to be two pairs.

The editors do their best to make us think the KIR juggernaut is in trouble by focusing on these pairs and making the most out of their conflicts. Amanda and Joe have totally opposite aesthetics! Layana wants to accent the black dress with gold but Kate wants pink! Not buying it.

We get to see a few examples of the team format actually increasing teamwork. At Mood, Layana and Kate go over budget, but enough of the other designers on team KIR are under budget that they can still get everything they want. Score! Plus, Daniel gets a key piece of black leather from Patricia to complete the contrasting trim on his dress. (It sounds like there is plenty of other material sharing going on as well, but that's the one the producers chose to showcase.)

Other notable storylines are Patricia making her own textile out of tiny squares of leather and Ben having an utter meltdown. Patricia seems like she's going to run out of time, and her whole team is privately doubting her, but she pulls through in the end and at least makes it look like she finished everything she intended to have. Ben, on the other hand, is having major confidence issues after last week's failure, and ends up having a dress that won't even stay up on the model's bust. Everyone who has a free hand is drafted into painfully cinching into place with a ton of straps while they wait backstage. (From what I understand, sometimes the producers allow that kind of last-minute sewing and sometimes they don't. So Ben definitely lucked out there. That poor model, though!)

The hair and makeup room montage is a hilarious sequence of the designers essentially telling them to make the models look like Heidi. At one point someone coins the word "Klumalicious."

Team KIR's press event looks are by Patricia and the pair of Joe and Amanda. Patricia has made a dress with her pieced leather so it has interesting texture, but still the same boxy no-shape she got dinged for in the first episode. Joe and Amanda make a serviceable black minidress accented with a print around the neck and down the front.

Daniel's look for the TV spot is a flowing beige gown with black leather trim. Richard's interpretation is a sequined minidress with a weird protrusion of ruffles in the back that nobody likes - not even Richard himself! Layana and Kate have made a very romance-novel-cover black gown with a pink corset. Stanley sends out a gold dress with a giant ribbon holding up one shoulder.

The Dream Team have Michelle and Matthew representing them for the red carpet dresses. Michelle has made a really nice, very "Heidi" black minidress (VERY mini) with a cool gold dotted print around the high neck. Matthew, who struggled throughout the challenge, has what I consider to be the funniest story arc of the episode. He feels like the fact that Heidi is a model and looks good in anything means that everyone is expected to nail the challenge, and he comes down with a major case of Fear of Success-itis. He finds the idea of making something for Heidi very intimidating. He ends up wanting to do something bondage inspired. Yes, he literally makes a dominatrix outfit for the woman inspiring his fear. Freud would have a field day!

The commercial looks are lead off by Cindy. She uses a gold-shot pink shantung to make a blah dress with a keyhole neckline. Samantha makes a cool-looking, though stiff, black dress with a S-shaped swath of illusion across the front. Tu makes a forgettable long black dress with a high neck and cutouts on the sides. Finally, Ben has his travesty of a strapped dress go down the runway, where it just barely hangs on to the model's upper regions.

Team KIR is named the winners for the third episode in a row! The dream team is crushed. Patricia, Kate & Layana, and Daniel are in the top. The judges love Patricia's textile but predictably wish it had a little more shape - well, at least some of them do. Heidi and Nina like the T-shirt silhouette this time. Daniel and Kate get the win - Kate apparently because she made the corset and that was the key to that look.

The judges also call out Stanley and Richard, and let them know they would have been in the bottom had their team not won. In the bottom for real are Matthew, Cindy, and Benjamin. Matthew's is too trashy & sexual to possibly be worn on the red carpet. Cindy's looks cheap, the fabric is wrong, and the fit is too loose. Benjamin gave his model "mushy boobs" and made her appear to be the victim of a shipwreck. In the end, even though Benjamin clearly has the worst execution, Cindy is given the boot for having the least appealing idea.

Next episode - looks like unconventional materials!

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