Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More contest catchup

Last week's contest's theme was "evergreens," with the added twist that the design should only use four colors. I had a hard time coming up with an idea. Being the holiday season, the most obvious thing that came to mind was Christmas trees. One of my favorite images of a Christmas tree is from a Berenstain Bears book - there was a story about them going out to chop down a tree for themselves, but the tree they found had little folks (bugs? mice? I can't recall) living in it, with their own little tree inside. I remember a wonderful page where they're looking into the tiny little house in the tree trunk, windows all aglow. So I wanted to do something along those lines. However, since that contest closed just before we were headed out for holiday travel, I had very little time to put my design together, so I needed to do something with a small repeat to have any chance of getting something in. I eventually thought of doing lines of marching ants, holding little pine branches.

Ants collecting pine needles

I figured many of the designs would be predominately green, so I wanted to avoid that. I also wanted to avoid a white background, since even though that's an obvious choice from a graphic design point of view, it makes the fabric hard to use. Hopefully the light blue with little white footprints is suggestive of snow.

Like the previous contest, I'm not super happy with this one either. I just didn't have enough time to refine it any further. I almost didn't enter it, but what the hey. It came in 119 out of 149, with 37 votes.

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