Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adventures in Mundanity

I've had this shirt for awhile, and the eyelet fabric on the placket is permanently crumpled.
Permanently wrinkled shirt
What's that you say? I could iron it? HA! My level of caring about this issue is way below the threshold that would cause me to commit to ironing repeatedly. You know, if they made irons that cooled down immediately when you were done, I might iron more. I hate having a cooling iron sitting around, waiting to singe an unwary passerby.

A few months ago, I bought another shirt that has a similar placket (same company - Eddie Bauer, actually) and noticed that an improvement had been made - the lace part was sewn down to the fabric underneath. So I thought, hmmm, I could probably do that with the one I have already! I finally got around to putting those thoughts into action.
Mended shirt

There we go! I just sewed through the wavy outside edge. Pretty easy. (And yes, I did iron it before I sewed it - hopefully for the last time ever.)

Speaking of fixing things, here's another task I accomplished. I've done the most cliched thing possible for the beginning of the year and decided to try to work out more regularly. I pulled out my Polar heart rate monitor for the first time in awhile, and discovered the batteries were dead. We had watch batteries in the cupboard - hooray! Oh darn, they're the wrong kind - the battery type is written on the back of the watch. Ok, let's get the other kind on Amazon. Pause for two days. The batteries arrived! I crack open the watch. Huh. There's kind of a weird little tab over the battery on one side - maybe that's keeping the battery down? I try to pry it up, and it snaps off and disappears! GASP OF HORROR. FRIGGING CUPCAKES, I BROKE IT! SELF, HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO CHANGE A STUPID BATTERY?? I THINK MY FRUSTRATION HAS MADE MY HEART RATE GO UP - GEE, I WISH I HAD A WAY TO TELL FOR SURE >:(

Just to twist the knife, I guess, I decided THEN to look up the manual online. It says, first off, that they don't recommend you change the battery yourself. You should take it to a "licensed Polar technician." Huh. But they do give directions, and say basically to pry it out with a tiny screwdriver, but be careful not to break the "sound tab." ARRRRGGGGGG.

I didn't know where any of our tiny screwdrivers are, so I closed the watch back up, and put it back in the drawer, and put the new batteries in the cupboard. Let's pretend that didn't happen.

I thought back to a watch I had when I was a kid, which when it died I got my parents to take it to the mall and get a "licensed technician" of some kind, and when I got it back it worked but didn't beep any more. Hmm. By process of 80% educated guessing and 20% wishful thinking, I decide that if I go ahead and change the battery, the exact same thing will happen to my heart rate monitor.

So after my husband gets home and is informed how is wife is a CLUMSY OAF who can't CHANGE A BATTERY, he pulls out our tiny screwdrivers and I make a second attempt. SUCCESS! My theory is proved correct. I'm actually really happy with this, because I don't care if it beeps anyway. And extra bonus victory - it saved my data! So all I had to do was reset the time & date.

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