Saturday, September 26, 2015

Briefly online

Well, as soon as I caught up on the blog, I fell behind again. And I'm about to drop off for awhile again, as my second child is due any time now - in fact I was due three days ago. So, I'll catch up as far as I can, and who knows when I'll be back!

Related to the subject of babies, there was another "partner" design contest - to make a Southwest-inspired pattern that could be used for baby bedding. The winner would actually get theirs made up into bedding by the company involved in the contest.

I went for a somewhat faux-Pendleton style, with little stylized sprouts. I pinned a number of thematic images, and started with this as guidance for colors.

Sprouts for your little sprout

I just missed making it into the top two-thirds of entries. My favorite was this abstract assortment of diamond shapes.

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