Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hat shaped like an hourglass

We had a break for a week from Spoonflower contests, but now that the holidays are over they've posted the results of the last one and we're back to normal. The goal this time was to create a pattern for a party hat that would fit on a fat quarter. There was a bit of griping about this on the forums - that's not much room, such as for a basic cone party hat, and it'd be very hard to make it a standalone kit due to the need to reinforce the fabric for any structure. And plus it was due right before the holidays (December 17th) - all adding up to there only being 23 entries. I got 101 votes and came in 14th.

I riffed on the basic cone shape of the traditional party hat by doubling it and turning it into an hourglass - thematically appropriate to a New Year's Eve party. The idea is that you flip it over at midnight, so it goes from looking like a nearly-empty to nearly-full hourglass.

I have no idea how well this would actually work when cut out and put together. I have a feeling the whole thing would need to be heavily reinforced with cardstock and/or pipecleaners to stay up at all. I hope to get around to trying it, though!

I used CC-licensed photos for the textures - the glitter is from here and the wood here.

Something I didn't think of, that was a good tactic for this challenge, was to do crown-style headbands. My favorite was the set of dessert crowns.

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