Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update on birds

I forgot to write any more about our birds. They have long since grown up and flown away, leaving only an empty nest and a scattering of crap on the landing. I could probably turn this into a metaphor for human children, but considering how many boxes of stuff I have left in my parents' attic, it would cause a bit too much guilty queasiness.

The babies were much quieter than I expected. Each time we walked by - morning, lunchtime, and after work - they were silent. Whenever I looked in, they just sat there, usually sleeping. This pic is from a month ago:
Baby birds

Can you see two fuzzy little heads, and a third obscured? About two weeks after that, I spotted them perching out on the plants and the railing, looking essentially fully fledged. That weekend we overheard our neighbor saying they had flown away.

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