Saturday, March 12, 2016


For contest coinciding with the week of Valentine's day, we had to do something regarding romance plus weather - e.g. "Love is in the air." I decided to do something representing the atmosphere as a whole. So, I went with representations of N2 and O2 molecules, which make up 78% and 21% of the atmosphere respectively. The black outlines here are for nitrogen, and the gray is for oxygen (I approximated the ratio in my design).


The outer shapes of the molecules can also be read as infinity signs. The white hearts represent the electrons - you can see O2's double bond and N2's triple bond.

I titled the design "Un'aura amorosa" as this is the title of one of my favorite Mozart arias, which means "A Loving Breath," and seemed thematically appropriate. (Perhaps though I should have done the ratio of gasses in an exhalation and added CO2 as well...)

There were a lot of good entries in this one. These rainbows and these flowers are two prints that I want to make into clothes and send back in time to my six-year-old self. My favorite overall was this more geometric take. Mine wasn't popular and came in quite near the bottom.

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