Friday, November 11, 2011

Military Fabric Design for Veteran's Day

This week's contest was for a military-inspired fabric, since today is Veteran's Day. My idea was to create stylized versions of uniforms - one for each of the five service branches. I made them geometric, almost as if they were pieced quilt patches. I learned that the uniforms of the US military are not really all that "uniform!" There are many different variations and options, especially when you take into account enlisted vs. officer. The Navy was the most challenging, as it seems they're in the middle of a uniform redesign, so it was hard to choose which one would be most recognizable. I also learned there are quite a few different shades of blue across all the uniforms! I tried to make them look more-or-less correct in relation to each other. This was a little extra challenging since they all tend to look lighter on screen than they print.

My design did pretty well - I came in 18th out of 83 with 216 votes!
Military Uniforms fabric

The uniforms are as follows:
  • Navy: khaki shirt, black pants, black belt with silver buckle
  • Coast Guard: Medium blue jacket, pants, & tie, light blue shirt, four silver buttons
  • Air Force: Dark blue jacket, pants, & tie, light blue shirt, three silver buttons
  • Army: Dark blue jacket, lighter pants, black tie, four gold buttons
  • Marines: Blue jacket with signature red piping and six gold buttons, lighter blue pants, white belt with gold buckle
I apologize for any mistakes! Hopefully they are accurate enough to be evocative of the real uniforms.

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